10 Ways to Celebrate International Cat’s Day

Hey Cat Lovers! August 8 is International Cat’s day, and Senja (yes, our boss) would like to share with you some fun & simple but meow-mazing ways to spend this day with your fur-ball friend (Cat naps included!). So without further meow-ning, let’s get it on! The feeling of having an …

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July Round-ups: Hooray for July!

July has been amazing for us, though hectic as we are preparing for our exciting yoga retreat, we are still excited of  the new events, functional active wears, energizing foods, and wait.. edible sunblock? that we are happy to announce this July. And we have rounded it all up in this July …

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Try a New Workout

Aly Rauff had shared with SOULSCAPE her secret to staying fit and healthy in Singapore. And now, she gives us a push as to why it is necessary to try a new workout every once in a while. Let’s see as she unravels her secret that we’ll surely make use …

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The secret of longevity in Okinawa

Okinawa is the Ryukyu island between Kyushu and Taiwan and it is well known as one of the highest longevity prefecture in Japan. Their eating habit and lifestyle are very unique compared to other region in Japan. There are many over-100-year-old Uchinaanchu there (people who live in Okinawa in Okinawan …

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5 Ways to Embrace Cultural Diversity With Yoga

As a yoga teacher, we want to share the health and wellness benefits of the “ohms” and yoga poses to everyone. And cultural diversity shouldn’t be a problem. With that, we give you tips on how to love and embrace different cultural background through yoga. Embarking on a wonderful journey …

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A Cocktail of Mindfulness and Business

Do you feel rushed all the time? Is it a perception or a problem? Want to beat it. Enter mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice which helps us to have a conscious intention of being present in every moment of our life. It is a simple way to notice thoughts, physical …

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Get Your Everyday Natural Makeup Look

Thick layers of foundation, heavy eyeliners and bold lipstick colours are things of the past. Less is more, so as speak. The no makeup-makeup look is taking the hype right now and it’s here to stay. Here’s our guide on how to get the natural makeup look! Step 1: Prep Your Skin It …

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How to Get Quick Recovery from Sickness

As all yogis would experience mild to severe illness from time to time, yoga expert, Aly Rauff, shows her very own steps to quickly get rid of it. Like most of us, Aly hates being sick as it is such an inconvenience to her – mainly because she won’t be able …

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5 Dragon Yoga Poses you can do for the Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner. Just head to Bedok Reservoir, Kallang River or DBS Marina Regatta for all the fun and excitement. But no matter how hyper you are, some part of you, especially the hip, is going to be very sore if you find yourself sitting …

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How to Get closer to a Raise!

We have well heard stories of gender pay gap. “Women is paid 78 cents to every dollar men make,” yes that sounds familiar. How about what Microsoft CEO had to say about gender pay gap, “it’s not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the …

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