Sing Jazz 2017 | SOULSCAPE Singapore

Top 5 Upcoming Events in Singapore

The biggest & best yoga, fitness, and music events happen in Singapore. Catch our top 5 favourite happenings in Singapore this April to June 2017. APRIL Mar 31 to Apr 2 Feel the vibe all over at the Sing-Jazz Fest! This three-day jazz festival is designed to get your body and soul moving to the sultry sounds …

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Test of Will | SOULSCAPE Singapore

Top 5 Upcoming Events in Asia

Some of the biggest yoga, fitness, and flow arts gatherings & conferences are happening on Asia from April to June 2017. APRIL March 31 to April 2, Philippines Dubbed as the Burning Man Festival of the Philippines, The Philippine Flow Fest event brings together the elements of fire, with the flair of modern …

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Arambol beach, Goa

Escape To 5 Non-Traditional Holiday Getaways

Holidays are usually associated with family road trips and outings. This year, why not venture into more unique places that are guaranteed to bring out the fun in everyone? With the school holidays coming up in just a month, ZUJI Singapore has put together a list of escape ideas that …

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Bali Retreats

8 Best Bali Yoga Retreat Resorts for Yogis to Replenish Energy

Take a break from yoga asana poses & recharge with a yoga retreat in Bali with our selection of the best 8 yoga resorts in Bali. A vacation is great, but for a yogi, what’s even better is a yoga retreat at a resort in yoga central this side of …

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Reset Body, Mind & Life with a Fit Chillout

Take some time off for yourself to recharge with a getaway in Bali. Get fit, relax, and come back refreshed for the new year. Madonna once said, ‘No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better …

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The Singapore Yoga Event to End 2016: Om is Where the HeART Is

The National Gallery holds its first yoga event for charity, bringing together physical & contemporary art to benefit Community Chest Singapore. End a year of active movement and wellness with the Singapore yoga event of 2016, Om is Where the HeART Is. Join fellow #SoulCircle yogis on Saturday, December 10 …

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Santani Wellness Resort

Santani Special—Retreat into Luxury Wellness

Come in, relax, and be truly free. This is the promise of Santani, a luxury wellness resort in Sri Lanka. The natural beauty of Sri Lanka is undeniable—lakes, mountains, and beaches. This makes the country popular with those seeking a wellness retreat. Make the time spent here a memorable experience …

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ft-eatplay (1)

10 Best Ways to Experience Local Culture for an Awesome Trip

Make your vacation getaway memorable & unforgettable by immersing in the local culture. Travelling is often cited by many looking to rejuvenate their emotional, mental, and spiritual reservoirs. Immersing yourself in a foreign culture enables you to momentarily forget about your troubles, and shift focus to other wonders of life …

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Discover Your Body Type—Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph

The reason why some people are tall and lean while others are muscular is due to their body type. Find out which one you are. While you may be familiar with the three different body types, have you wondered which one you really are? Maybe you do not fit neatly …

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Review for SOULSCAPE 1200

8 Things You Missed at SOULSCAPE Festival 2016

Had a blast at our outdoor yoga festival at Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach, Singapore on Saturday? So did we! Here is a pictorial recap of what you missed.      On Saturday 1 October, 1,400 people gathered on Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach for SOULSCAPE Festival. Back for the third year running, we’re proud to …

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