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5 Food Habits To Reduce Your Monthly PMS Symptoms

Are you suffering from the monthly pains and discomfort that usually comes before your menstruation? Check out these tips to relieve you from PMS in a natural way. PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is common to 85% of women. The horrors of it can occur as early as 2 weeks before your menstruation. …

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Recipe Roundup: 10 Egg Substitutes to Enjoy A Vegan, Eggless Easter

Easter may be a time for painting eggs and hunting the elusive Easter bunny, but even vegans can enjoy the fun with these eggless recipes that can make any Easter potluck party a healthy and cruelty-free one. Are you transitioning to a vegan lifestyle but don’t want to miss out …

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Recipe Roundup: 10 Fun Ways to Eat Avocado (That’s Not Guacamole or Salad)

Want to reap the health benefits of avocado but tired of the same old salad and guacamole recipes? This recipe roundup shows you that eating avocado can be fun and versatile for your taste buds. There’s more to avocado than guacamole or salad. This wonderfruit is full of good fat …

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Recipe: Beetroot Cumin and Dill Hummus

Hummus means chickpeas in Arabic and is a favourite dish all the way from Lebanon to Yemen and beyond! Dress up the typical hummus dip with some unconventional ingredients for an international flavour. Hummus is one of those versatile and delicious dishes that we simply cannot get enough of. Usually eaten …

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Mango GoJi Lime smoothie

Recipe: Mango Goji Lime Smoothie

Already dreaming of a tropical island getaway? Feel like you’re already on summer holiday with this super fruit charged smoothie recipe. Packed with fibre, beta-carotein, and anti-oxidants, this smoothie is a perfect tropical treat to boost your immune system, clear up your skin and keep you looking and feeling your …

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Superlife Co Products

Superlife Co. Launches Single-Serve Quinoa

Singapore company launches single serve quinoa packs for busy people who want healthy, yummy food. Busy people who want healthy food options that are quick to prepare & good to eat, Superlife Co. has the answer: single-serve Asian Quinoa Packs with real ingredients. Each pack is a single-serving of quinoa …

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5 Simple Steps You Can Do Daily To Lose Weight

From weighing 65kg to winning bikini competitions, Dr Jenny Li shares her daily tricks to keeping body fat away with a well-balanced diet. As we are still in the beginning of 2017, I encourage you to try the following five steps for next 31 days. 1. Have a Plan I …

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White or black chia seeds, what is the difference?

So you’ve taken on a new years resolution to get healthy—welcome to the club! If you’ve started researching on what to add to or cut from your diet, then you’ve surely come across chia seeds. So you’ve set out on the quest to buy chia seeds—good going! Now you are standing in …

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30 Ways to go Vegan in Kuala Lumpur

Want to eliminate meat, poultry & animal products like eggs & dairy from your diet? Here’re 30 ways to help you become vegan even in a meat-loving city like Kuala Lumpur. Being a vegan eater means not consuming meat, poultry, seafood, dairy or eggs. It’s socially and practically a big …

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3 Coconut Water Recipes You Must Know for Beauty & Health

You can use coconut water in many ways, besides drinking it. We show you how you can make refreshing ice cubes, a yummy fresh juice sports drink, and a facial mist beauty product from Cocomax natural coconut water.

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