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5 Ways To Feel Refreshed

Your daily routine may sometimes make you feel exhausted. You wake up, have breakfast and go to work. That routine, however, is not as healthy as you might have thought. As a result, you feel lacking of energy in your body. To pump you up with more energy is not that hard. All you need to …

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How to Meditate into your Zone

Meditation helps you go beyond the mind and achieve happiness, calm, and bliss. But as anyone who has tried mediation knows, meditate into your zone is the biggest obstacle. Your mind will wander, you will feel itchy, your crossed legs will get weary. But no worries, here are our tips …

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Five Ways to have Daily Laughter practice

Most people find themselves very busy these days. Busyness is the new buzz word. We should not stop pursuing our goals, but as they say “all work and no laughter can make Jack a dull boy” For ages, people have been fascinated with laughter. Laughter has been prescribed and practiced …

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Steps to Empower a Fellow Woman in Business

We all speak of change and making the world a better place, but change actually begins with us, and whatever little steps we can take. What do you spend your hard-earned money on, and where does it go? Does your dollar go towards an active wear company that practices gender …

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How to Start An Action Plan For A Self-Care Healthy Habit

Your health is tied to the amount of self-care you put into yourself. Pauliina Salmenhaara shares how cultivating a self-care healthy habit benefits not only your life, but the lives of those around you. Self-care is something we often equate with being selfish – incorrectly so! In fact, I would …

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Five Tips To Start Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss and Mindfulness

If diets or strict meal plans don’t work for you, give intermittent Fasting a try. Jan gives the low-down on how she made fasting a lifestyle that works for her mind and body. What if I told you that I never count calories and everyday is a cheat day – …

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Find A Healthy Hobby

Want to fast-track on keeping a fit body? Fitness buff, Aly Rauff shares that the secret is to find a hobby that also keeps you healthy at the same time! In an ideal situation, you have a single hobby that can make you money, keep you healthy, and makes you …

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How My Beagle Puppy Saved Me

Thinking of adopting a pet? Beata shares how her beagle puppy, Fury, changed her life for the better. Do you know this moment when your body is telling you, “Stop it woman! You better slow down and relax before it’s too late?” Mine was screaming for attention. I needed to …

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10 Minutes of Daily Mindfulness for Workplace Success

Steve Jobs practiced mindfulness. Even companies such as Google, Nike and General Mills are offering mindfulness trainings to its employees. What is the link between mindfulness and workplace performance? Mindfulness is a trendy word in leadership development nowadays. Recent articles in the Harvard Business Review mention that spending 10 minutes a …

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Clean Your Mind Chatter and be Free

We talk about clean and lean bodies, but what about clean and lean minds and spirits? Minds and spirits without excess baggage, stripped down to bare authenticity. Shut out the noise, all the chatter made up of excuses, blind spots, objective reasoning, the illogical appearing as the logical, and ask …

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