ULTIMATE EARS is the 360 wireless burst of music your life has been waiting for.


I want you to take a minute and think about this. Music devices have gone through some major changes since the time of boom boxes and cassette tapes (assuming you even remember them). Throughout the 1990’s, music was all about walking solo to your own beat. I am here to tell you, it is time to take the tiny earplugs off and join the party. ULTIMATE EARS is the 360 wireless burst of music your life has been waiting for.

Ultimate Ears, Speakers, Wireless, Bluetooth, Tech, SOULSCAPE

Connect Community

The ULTIMATE EARS portable speakers make it possible to bring the party with you anywhere and to share it with everyone around you. They are amazing, cutting edge, Bluetooth wireless speakers designed to be portable — really portable. Each of their speaker models is fully waterproof. They are lightweight and compact in size. Their battery life is more than impressive. The Megaboom speaker battery burns for 20 hours after being charged up. All Ultimate Ears speakers push out 360 degrees of audio — that’s surround mega sound madness!

Ultimate Ears, Speakers, Wireless, Bluetooth, Tech, SOULSCAPE

Connect Wellness and Fitness

When the party is over and it’s time to get fit, these little gems are ideal for the gym where they will juice up your routine and take your workout to a new level.

ULTIMATE EARS know that there is a direct correlation with music, wellness, and fitness. Music nourishes the body. When you listen to music during workouts, the sensation that you are performing better is not an illusion. You are actually performing better.

Music measurably increases the body’s ability to tap into and increase its output potential, so-much-so music is found to act much the same way performance enhancing drugs affect the body, but without negative side effects. That is not all. Listening to music while exercising dramatically elevates feel-good emotions! Super immersed with your workout? Don’t worry about your speakers. They are virtually indestructible. They will survive the accidental kick while doing your burpees.

Ultimate Ears Speaker Breakdown

Ultimate Ears, Speakers, Wireless, Bluetooth, Tech, SOULSCAPE

MEGABOOM is ideal for focused, fierce, edgy workouts that require ultimate mind over body determination and skill. The speaker is designed to jolt the atmosphere with hard-hitting riffs at every angle so that any and all distractions are eliminated and the space MEGABOOM occupies is transformed. Battery life — 2.5 hours of charge time lasts for 20 hours. Power up the pool party with this virtually indestructible music powerhouse.

Ultimate Ears, Speakers, Wireless, Bluetooth, Tech, SOULSCAPE

BOOM2 This gem is a small beast with a serious blast ability that literally burst from every angle due to its innovative 360 design. It’s perfect for sharing with a group of friends as it easily filling a room with rock hard sounds that can be used to intensify a team workout in unison. It has a long battery life, is waterproof, puts out 360 degrees of sound and is indestructible.

Ultimate Ears, Speakers, Wireless, Bluetooth, Tech, SOULSCAPE

WONDERBOOM is favored due to its compact size that makes it easy to take along with you to any number of Yoga sessions, including those you decide to attend at the last minute. It is lightweight, waterproof, indestructible and has a booming tuneability that you can take with you anywhere you want to pump solid, graceful, intricate 360 degrees of sounds.

Double up your WONDERBOOM with your #fitfam to get more out of your workouts. If you think one sounds great, you’ll love how it will sound together.

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We want you to win a free pair of ULTIMATE EARS!

You heard it right! SOULSCAPE readers are invited to enter the ULTIMATE EARS contest for a chance to win the best sounds around!

Entry is easy. Groove on over to bit.ly/bringmusictolife and purchase tickets for you and one special friend to BRING MUSIC TO LIFE. Get a chance to win BOOM2 and WONDERBOOM speakers!


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