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How to Meditate into your Zone

Meditation helps you go beyond the mind and achieve happiness, calm, and bliss. But as anyone who has tried mediation knows, meditate into your zone is the biggest obstacle. Your mind will wander, you will feel itchy, your crossed legs will get weary. But no worries, here are our tips …

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5 Easy Prenatal Yoga Poses for Gas Relief

Women all around the world can’t ignore the fact that one of the uncomfortable feelings during pregnancy is the bloating and the feeling of gas pressuring their insides. However, the wonders of Yoga have more to offer. Apart from a healthy mind and body, there are also prenatal yoga poses …

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How to Make Hari Raya more Enjoyable

It’s Hari Raya Puasa, the grand days of rejoicing! Island wide, our Muslim friends must be indulging some of the best foods and snacks that come along with this festival. But pals, while these treats bring joy and happiness, they are sweet. No worries, here’s our guides to make your …

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5 Dragon Yoga Poses you can do for the Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner. Just head to Bedok Reservoir, Kallang River or DBS Marina Regatta for all the fun and excitement. But no matter how hyper you are, some part of you, especially the hip, is going to be very sore if you find yourself sitting …

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How to Get closer to a Raise!

We have well heard stories of gender pay gap. “Women is paid 78 cents to every dollar men make,” yes that sounds familiar. How about what Microsoft CEO had to say about gender pay gap, “it’s not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the …

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How to book the Ultimate Escape with Soulscape

With all the bustle and hustle of city living, stress has become a common thing. Stress is no one’s best friend, yet it’s becoming everyone’s most seen face daily. Can you recall the last time you could breathe to your fullest? How about the time you had free time to …

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Yoga for the Heart through Community Kirtan by Yoga Mala

A weekend event for your body and soul. Join Yoga Mala this Sunday for the Mantra Chanting & Kirtan event. Happening this Sunday, May 28, 2017 in the afternoon at 3:30 PM is the Mantra Chanting and Kirtan hosted by Yoga Mala. This is a free admission event that aims …

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Cracked Lips: Easy Remedy for Chapped Lips

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Recipe Roundup: 10 Egg Substitutes to Enjoy A Vegan, Eggless Easter

Easter may be a time for painting eggs and hunting the elusive Easter bunny, but even vegans can enjoy the fun with these eggless recipes that can make any Easter potluck party a healthy and cruelty-free one. Are you transitioning to a vegan lifestyle but don’t want to miss out …

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Recipe Roundup: 10 Fun Ways to Eat Avocado (That’s Not Guacamole or Salad)

Want to reap the health benefits of avocado but tired of the same old salad and guacamole recipes? This recipe roundup shows you that eating avocado can be fun and versatile for your taste buds. There’s more to avocado than guacamole or salad. This wonderfruit is full of good fat …

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