5 Ways to Get Fit Faster in a Group Fitness Class–The health benefits of group workout classes will quash all your fitness excuses of getting fit & losing weight.

Going to a group exercise class is a great way to have fun with others who are also getting fit! If you haven’t tried group fitness classes, what are you waiting for?

The good news is that the benefits of group classes go far beyond just enjoying people’s company as you sweat and move. Working out in a group has several physical, psychological and social benefits for anyone looking to get leaner and fitter faster while having fun. Here’re 5 reasons why joining group fitness classes are one of the best ways to get fit.

1. Motivation

It’s one thing to decide to start exercising to get healthier, but to actually do it is the real challenge. Working out in a group can motivate you to show up at the gym because you wouldn’t want to bail on your workout buddies. It also motivates you to return repeatedly to the class, and share the energy and experience with everyone in the group exercise class.

2. Social Support

If you feel shy about stepping into a gym to work out alone, sign up for group fitness classes with friends to work out together and be one another’s source of support! Have your friend track your progress and egg you on when your motivation wanes.

In addition to strengthening the bonds with your friends, you’ll also meet other like-minded souls in the group fitness class. Say hello to and congratulate your new friends for a job well done after each group fitness class, and you’ll end up with new workout mates in no time. This makes group exercise classes a fun social occasion that is also mentally empowering at the same time.

3. Happiness Boost

A study conducted at Oxford University in 2009 showed that athletes who trained for 45 minutes in a group showed higher endorphin levels than athletes who trained solo for the same amount of time. The study noted that these elevated endorphin levels were present in people who do synchronised activities—such as dancing, listening to music, and even laughing—together.

Some theories put forth from the study for this occurrence suggest that the surge of endorphins facilitates social bonding, and enhances cooperation and generosity among those who participate in the same activity. So raise your happy hormone levels by working out in group fitness classes.

4. Variety

Typically, big gyms offer a plethora of group exercise classes—on days when you want to take things easy, join a calming yoga class; if you feel on top of the world, dance it out with others in a dynamic dance class. Whatever your mood is, you can always find a group workout class that you fancy.

Additionally, group fitness classes are designed to target various muscle groups within a particular time frame, usually ranging from 30 to 90 minutes. No matter which class you choose, you can be sure of a good workout. Above all, the wide variety of classes will ensure that your fitness routine remains an exciting one.

5. Comprehensive programme

Each group fitness class has a programme structure that begins with a warm-up, followed by a unique combination of fitness components ranging from power to agility, cardiovascular strength, balance and flexibility, then finally a cool down at the end. By attending a variety of group fitness classes, you ensure that you are constantly developing all your physical abilities, which helps you track your progress and personal improvement over time.


Now that you know the benefits of group fitness classes, why not sign up for some? True Fitness has more than 45 different types of yoga, hot yoga, aerobics, dance and spinning classes with up to 675 classes weekly to keep your fitness journey exciting. Whether you want to train cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, or overall fitness, there is surely a group fitness class for you. Here, we feature 4 of them.

Stress Management Yoga integrates several components of yoga to restore peace and stability in your body and mind. This includes relaxation movements to yoga postures, breathing techniques, and Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep, or the state of consciousness between being awake and asleep). Besides decreasing stress and tension, Stress Management Yoga also helps to increase flexibility, balance and strength.

Piloxing® is a cardio fusion of Pilates, boxing and dance—burn calories in no time with moves executed in sync with fast tempo music. This high energy interval group workout combines techniques that burn maximum calories, builds lean muscles, tones the arms, and increases stamina through maximising cardiovascular health. Boxing and Pilates are the main principles that create a sense of balance, both physically and mentally.

Fitness goals are achieved in LesMills GRIT™ Strength group workout classes. GRIT™ requires only 30 minutes to push your metabolism into high gear with its combination of barbell, weight plate and body weight exercises. The benefit of this HIIT (High-intensity interval training) class is that you build lean muscle with resistance training, which will also keep your body burning calories for hours after the workout.

Whether you’re a complete spinning newbie or an experienced indoor cyclist, there’s an  I.C.E. (Indoor Cycling Experience) group fitness class at True Fitness that suits you. The various ICE classes available differ in intensity but no matter which level of ICE you go for, it‘ll give you a total body workout that gets your cardio going, and burn fat fast!

Whether your fitness goal is to gain muscle mass, increase stamina, increase flexibility, or just de-stress after a long day at work, exercising in a group can make the fitness journey a more fruitful and enjoyable one. Check out the many group fitness classes that True Fitness has to offer and bring your friends along too.

All classes mentioned above are available at True Fitness Velocity @ Novena Square. For membership enquiries, call 6255 9555.

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