5 Reasons Cauliflower Should Be on Your Grocery List–Rediscover the new superfood – with just one serving of Cauliflower, it is jam-packed with the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C, no fat, sodium, or sugar and helps boost the brain health while reducing the risk of cancer.

As Kale dominated the first spot as the famous superfood for the past years, it’s time to discover other amazing greens and veggies that are as equal or exceeds the nutritional benefits of it. And this is where we introduce the humbling cauliflower. Overflowing with health benefits, we know you can’t get away with cauliflower. Not to mention, there are numbers of appetizing cauliflower recipes available, even on Instagram where health squads posts artistic cauliflower recipe shots. It’s time to try them all as we understand its secret health benefits

Keeps brain healthy and active

5 Reasons Cauliflower Should Be on Your Grocery List Cauliflower Running Body Soulscape

Known as a choline-rich vegetable, cauliflower is a key instrument for brain development that could also repair cell membranes. From an enhanced cognitive development, especially during the prenatal period, up to enhancing the working memory, is just one of cauliflower’s benefits.

Effectively reduces the risk of cancer

We can’t call a cauliflower a superfood if it can’t at least reduce cancer risk. Supporting this, a study has found that a cauliflower and Broccoli diet could drastically reduce the possibilities of prostate cancer for men by 52% – which can’t be attained from other fruits and veggies.

Helps in unclogging arteries

Cauliflower Running Heart Soulscape

Providing us with sulforaphane, researchers found out that cauliflowers can help protect the lining of arteries. As it is more vulnerable to disease due to the protein that is inactive in some parts of the artery. However, if one chooses to eat cauliflowers, the sulforaphane element can stimulate the inactive protein and protect the arteries. Thus, it’s less likely for one to develop heart diseases like heart attack and strokes.

Supports to weight loss

Generally, adding vegetables and fruits regularly to one’s diet can promote weight loss. However, those non-starchy fruits and vegetables are found to be more effective. This includes cauliflower, apples, and string beans. This is due to the lower glycemic loads that mainly produce smaller and fewer blood spikes after they are eaten.

Reduces the risk of brain disease

Packed with vitamin E, cauliflower can also reduce the long-term risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. As this has the capacity to ward off neurodegenerative diseases, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage is rich in antioxidants that can protect the one’s neural capacity.

Being a healthy eater doesn’t mean sticking with one vegetable. It will become more effective if we try out other superfoods available for us.