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5 Daily Earth-Saving Habits to Reduce Your Plastic Use

We’re all being reminded to reduce our carbon footprint with Earth Day coming up. With just a few simple changes, you can do a lot everyday to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Singapore and many other Asian countries still have a long way to go to reduce plastic use. Aside from plastic water bottles, shopping bags, and fast food cutlery, did you know that even yoga pants are contributing to ocean pollution?

Here are  five simple changes you can make in your daily life to make a significant impact in reducing your personal carbon imprint. This Earth Day, take these easy steps to rid yourself of as much plastic as you can.

1. Check the label of your yoga pants

Stretchy yoga pants with fun patterns allow us to express our sense of style during yoga class or a workout. But the material that helps keep new yoga pants shiny and stretchy may also be microplastic that end up polluting the oceans and killing fish and other marine life. Check that the label on your pants says 100 percent cotton.

2. Bring your own bag

Many groceries and shops now use paper bags or even bio-degradable plastic bags but these still take up space in landfills or end up adding landmass to the Texas-sized floating island of garbage in the Pacific ocean. Do the earth a favour by getting a reusable bag to carry new purchases in. Many fold into small sizes that they will fit comfortably into your ourse or even your pocket.

3. Skip the straw

Plastic straws, and even new disposable paper straws, are only used once and tossed away. Do you really need it? If you must use a straw, consider buying a re-usable stainless steel or glass straw that can be easily cleaned with a pipe cleaner. Some companies even make biodegradable straws out of bamboo that can be used several times before needing to be replaced.

4. Your Pores don’t need Plastic

The use of tiny plastic scrubbers in facial soaps has already been banned in the US, but many brands in Asia still put these tiny non-biodegradable balls that supposedly cleanse the pores in your skin. Instead of plastic, use eco-friendly beauty products that use natural materials like coffee grounds.

5. Reusable Menstrual Cups

Ladies, each month we all go through our natural menstrual cycle. Most of us have gotten used to changing sanitary pads every 2 hours or tampons every 4 to 6 hours. But feminine hygiene products are filling up landfills and not to mention all the chemicals that seep into our skin from prolonged contact with these products. Anna Jade in Hong Kong is an Asian supplier of the European menstrual cup brand Lunette, and Sinaya Cup in the Philippines is also an option for women who want to reduce their monthly carbon footprint and save money from using disposable products every month.



About Jan Dizon

Jan Dizon is a Mother, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, and Storyteller. She gets on her mat every morning and moves in a way that delights her Spirit. As a woman who must fill many roles at every moment, she needs her twice a day 20-minute meditation breaks to rejuvinate her mind, body, and spirit. She is a student of Traditional Philippine Healing (Hilot), Osteopathy, and inner dance. In addition to healing arts, she also has a passion for advocacies like Free Palestine, keeping the Arts in Education, and Yoga as more than just asana. She has taught in various Asian countries as well as Canada and the Middle East.

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