5 Clutter Spots to Clear Out–Ever missed the bus just because you couldn’t find something at the last minute? It’s a sign to de-clutter! Clearing out clutter not only saves you time searching for something gone missing, but it also gives you more space to welcome other possibilities in your life. Listed below are 5 cluttered spots to clear out, and why you should clear them out today.

1. Desk Working Space

5 Clutter Spots to Clear Out

It’s often said that your desk is a representation of yourself. We can discover a lot of things about someone just by looking at their desks. Those with a neater desk are better able to meet deadlines and are more satisfied with themselves. According to psychologist and health coach Beata Juskowiak, there was a study proven that women who felt cluttered, felt more depressed and have a higher cortisol (stress hormones) level. There’s a strong connection between our ability to meet deadlines and self-expectations with physical and psychological well-being.

Tips to de-clutter: Use letter trays, put up cork bulletin boards, recycle unread magazines and newspapers.

2. Desk Working Drawers

5 Clutter Spots to Clear Out

Similar to desk working space, our drawers are another spot where lots of the hoarding takes place. It stores all sorts of junk, from snacks to stationary to books and letters. In worse case scenarios, you may even find a toothbrush in it! Empty everything out of the space, throw out the garbage and relocate the items in a box. If you need a space to store your food stash, put it in a labelled box rather than just dumping it altogether.

Tips to de-clutter: reorganize things in boxes, throw out the garbage and leave only what you really need.

5 Clutter Spots to Clear Out

3. Email Inbox

5 Clutter Spots to Clear Out

We receive tons of junk emails a day (even though they’re not categorized as junk). Plenty of spam emails and subscriptions flood our inbox and we’ve just been too lazy to unsubscribe and delete them. But these emails mix up the important ones with the unimportant, and sometimes we tend to forget about the ones we need to pay special attention to.

Tips to de-clutter: create new folders and archives to organize the important emails, flag important emails which need extra attention, cancel your subscriptions

4. Bathroom Counter

5 Clutter Spots to Clear Out

Guilty of having a bathroom counter littered with half used cleansers, toothpaste and toothbrushes lying around? Well, you’re not alone. We don’t think much of it, but even de-cluttering our bathroom can affect us and our mood. Kick start the day right as you enter a clean bathroom. According to Beata Justkowiak, when good habits and a healthy lifestyle is kept, you’ll feel more relaxed and your energy will be boosted, thus improving overall productivity.

Tips to de-clutter: Throw away empty tubes or bottles you know you are never going to use, Use trays to organize bottles and jars, Make use of drawer trays to store accessories like hair ties and bobby pins

5. Wardrobe

5 Clutter Spots to Clear Out

Having trouble finding a piece of clothing you swear you saw two days ago? It’s time to de-clutter your closet. Over time, our tastes and preferences change, our bodies change and our clothes no longer fit. Many of us are guilty of hoarding what we call “skinny clothes.” The first step to losing the weight you’ve always said you would begin by giving up these clothes. According to Beata, when you see smaller clothes, your mind sees it as how you are lacking. It demoralizes you by pointing out your insecurities and making you want to give up easily. Putting away your “skinny clothes” will make you feel less bad about yourself.

Tips to de-clutter: Recycle or donate old clothes, organize your clothing by style/type/colour

Physical clutter is a sign of a cluttered mind. Clearing out things gives yourself time to work on your emotional baggage and decide what you’re going to keep and throw away. You will learn how to discover yourself, which will greatly impact your mind, body and a journey towards a healthy lifestyle.